Treat your dog right, and everything else will follow.


The Good Sit curriculum is the world's 1st ever "Instruction Manual For Dogs"


Dogs are amazing. As part of our families they provide unconditional love and companionship. A healthy relationship with our dog can even give us a more positive outlook on life. But the trouble is so many of us, despite our heart-felt love, are often challenged by our dog’s “bad” behavior. Good Sit is a SIMPLE curriculum that teaches basic communication and life skills. We don’t do serious drills, we use GAMES which is how dogs learn naturally. In just 10 minutes a day, you’ll gain the power to create a peaceful and awesome life with your dog. 

At the heart of Good sit, is the Good Sit technique. Imagine never saying “BAD Dog”,  using fear tactics, or abrasive handling again.  Good Sit’s backbone is WORDS. Positive ones. And the result freedom, ease, love and partnership when your dog is on voice command.

I didn’t know if we’d survive having a puppy. I didn’t know what to do but I knew I needed help so I found Yulin. The fact that he’s fully potty trained now and not biting anymore is wonderful. Life is so much better having a real understanding of how he works.
— 'Cujo' and Mondona A. | Brentwood, CA
We adopted ‘Lucy’ a high energy total sweetheart six month old pit bull mix and we were scared because she was gunnin’ for every dog we saw! The Good Sit technique says dogs need to be mentally challenged and fully-expressed daily; that only dogs can teach dogs ‘dog manners’ and OVERNIGHT, ‘Lucy’ is now well-mannered with dogs.
— 'Lucy' and Jeremiah P. | Venice, CA
What breaks my heart is when dogs are euthanized for lack of space at shelters. They don’t deserve that being just a product of our society. Good Sit is like an “instruction manual” that fulfills a necessary need for new dog parents who give up on their dogs when expectations are not set and day 1 support provided post adoption or purchase.
— Jami LoVullo, Enrichment & Behavior Lead | Best Friends Animal Society
My two dogs were out of control with people walking by the house or ringing the doorbell. Yulin’s Good Sit program worked beautifully to teach me how to get them to listen. My dogs immediately got the difference between “off” & “jumping” and “quiet” & “speak”. It’s much quieter in my house now!
— 'Sydney' 'Adelaide' and Linda C. | Pico Rivera, CA
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