Good Sit + Salvage Maria = #Doggoneawesome

Check out these amazing dog beds hand made by Salvage Maria. We are so excited to have these available to all of you as a new perk on our #Indiegogo Campaign. 

Salvage Maria is a Los Angeles based company. All of their materials and inspirations are sourced or salvaged locally to create stunning pieces! Not only do they make these incredible (soft and comfy beds) but they have an array of children clothes and other unique items. Here is a little more from Salvage Maria ...

"Salvage Maria is a tragically cool company that creates one of a kind pieces. We are thoughtful of what we are putting out in the world. We upcycle, repurpose, recycle, and salvage whenever we can. We pour lots of love into everything we do. We give back what we can and believe in helping human and animal kind!"  

If you are looking for a great gift, or new piece for your home, make sure to grab one of these beds while they are still available. Head over to our Indiegogo page to get one now!

Thanks again for your support!

-The Good Sit Team




TrackR has made our very own #Goodsit custom TrackR and they will be available to you as a reward once we reach $4,000 in pledges on our #Indiegogo Campaign. (We're almost there!)

Once we reach $4,000 you will be able to add this custom TrackR to ANY reward package for just $40.00 by clicking on our FEATURED Perk.

TRACKR is a device that your pair with your smart phone. This tiny device is the size of a quarter and PERFECT to hang from your dogs collar. You will able to tell exactly where your dog is at any time by logging in to the app. Whether you want to spy on your dog when you are away or your dog runs away, this TRACKR will be able o show you just where they are hiding. 

The Good Sit TRACKR device is Bluetooth enabled, and the range varies up to 100 feet! Within this range, TrackR offers multiple features, including the 2-way ring feature and last known location feature. Once a user separates from their dog who had the TrackR on his collar, the user receives a notification and can see the last known location of their lost lost dog on a map. Beyond this 100ft range, the Crowd GPS enables you to find your dog after they have been lost. When a dog goes missing with a TrackR device attached, all TrackR enabled phones will begin to search for that item. When another TrackR app user passes nearby the lost dog, that user's phone will anonymously ping our server to update the dog’s parent with new GPS coordinates of when & where it was last seen. TRACKR currently have the largest active Crowd GPS network!    


We are so excited to tell you about WOLFPACK - an amazing company that is super stoked for Good Sit to become a reality. Wolfpack is bringing top quality dog gear to the modern world. All Wolfpack products are assembled and made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. Here is a little more about WolfPack.

Wolfpack Supply strongly believes in the bond between (wo)man and dog. Your pups' favorite place to be in the world is with you, going somewhere, anywhere! We aim to bring you the best quality dog gear out there to take along on your adventures. Wolfpack Supply leashes are made and assembled in the USA with rock climbing rope and climbing-rated locking carabiners, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

We also believe more than anything in choosing adoption. There are millions of homeless dogs waiting for you to pick them to join your Wolfpack. For every item purchased at we donate one pound of food to dogs in need. Each month we choose a different shelter or rescue group to donate to that month. 


WolfPack has made our very own #Goodsit custom dog leashes and they will be available to you as a reward once we reach $3,500 in pledges on our Indiegogo campaign (We're almost there!)

Once we reach $3,500 you will be able to add this custom leash to ANY reward package for just $40.00 by clicking on our FEATURED Perk.

Goodbye Kickstarter... Last Chance To Get Your Good Sit Pre-order.

We raised $5,885 in 20 days on Kickstarter, then lost it all when the campaign ended.

Re-Pledge NOW on ➡️ INDIEGOGO

Dearest dog lovers and supporters, thank you for believing in the magic of Good Sit, a whole new way of being a dog parent. You have pledged money to help the project go live and to be the first to enjoy it’s benefits! You watched the videos and saw not only how your relationship with your dog can completely do a 180, but you saw that your dollar would save a shelter dog's life.

If you already contributed on Kickstarter, you will NOT be charged at all for your pledge. Because we are not allowed to keep any of the pledges and you are not guaranteed your pre-order when we didn't reach the initial goal, here is an opportunity to ensure you get your order. RE-PRE-ORDER NOW! Hopefully this takes only a couple of minutes out of your day. 


But we weren’t just fundraising. We were changing everything for dog parents everywhere. We were building from frustration to hope, no-communication to love. We were making a real difference for our families, friends, neighbors and even shelter dogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This project is important because we are facing a true crisis - unwanted, homeless, repeatedly surrendered dogs. ~10,000 people a day give up on their dogs while animal shelters are limited in resources, leaning on volunteers, and killing ~3400 dogs a day to make room for more. Now, the real fight begins.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all the support and sharing you have done and will do for this campaign.  

    Yulin Olliver , Founder, Good Sit

Good Sit Press Release on Indiegogo


LOS ANGELES, CA — Good Sit is not only the world’s first online post dog-adoption counselor, it gives dog owners a whole new way of being a dog parent. While many dogs are adopted, the number of failed adoptions - dogs returned to the shelter - is staggering, estimated as high as 40% within the first week of adoption. What's missing is post-adoption support, counseling that provides basic information to dog owners, enabling them to have a happy, functioning relationship with a new pet. This is where Good Sit comes in. New pet parents have an unlimited number of questions and concerns about their new family. Too many times, this results in simply taking the easy way out and returning the dog back to the shelter.

The much anticipated Indiegogo launch for starts Friday, July 1, 2016 witha $10,000 pledge goal. The funding will support the production of the online videos and the"Buy-One, Give-One" program. The novel online video program bridges the gap for post-adoption dog parents and will become the new got to resource to turn to in the privacy of one’s own home. Good Sit sets new dog parents up to succeed, by empowering them with new communication tools, "first day rules", and an understanding of their dog, such that new families experience love and harmony with freedom and ease. Good Sit pays it forward and helps as many homeless dogs as possible. For every curriculum purchased,one is given to a homeless pet and its new family with the purpose of acting as the dogs own personal guardian angel.

“Dogs are euthanized daily for lack of space and this breaks my heart. They are perfectly innocent and just lacking a home,” says Yulin Olliver, Founder and President of Good Sit. “The other glaring issue is how to communicate so it lands with the dog and vice-versa. Good Sit is the missing piece of the puzzle. This is not high level training, it is essential life skills, and it just doesn't exist out there. The dog shelters and rescues demand it, so I created it"

About Good Sit

Founded by dog expert and host, Yulin Olliver, Good Sit lives online and is based in Los Angeles, CA. After seeing happy, healthy dogs being killed first hand, she started coaching post-adoption families 1-on-1 but wanted to make these life saving lessons available to anyone, anytime. After decades of learning and training dogs for agility and pet therapy, Yulin tapped into behavior experts from around the world to curate the most effective and widely accepted 'dogmas' in professional dog training for Good Sit; the only video-centric, one stop, crisis management, beginners training curriculum for parents of newly adopted dogs.


Press contacts:

Good Sit

Yulin Olliver


Good Sit | Public Relations

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A Whole New Way Of Being A Dog Parent

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

With Good Sit - We'll teach you how to have total communication with your dog, it's not about tricks. Tip #1 - always always always have an 'OUT POINT' when you give a command. Don't leave them hanging, unless you WANT them to pick when the lesson is over! Aka "my dog's inconsistent" =  or are YOU being inconsistent?

Do you remember what the first day was like?!?

Meet little “Cujo”! We’ve all had a little “Cujo” in our lives (oops no pun intended) if you've brought home a new dog. Everyone has had to pick up an “accident” or two, right? Would you believe that that's enough for some people to get rid of their dogs?



About one-third (30 percent) of dog owners who give up their pets to an animal shelter do so because of the dogs' perceived behavior problems, new research suggests. The study, which included a survey of 56 dog owners who surrendered their pets to the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus, found that bad behavior was the top reason for relinquishing a dog. 

But many of the reported problems are normal behaviors for dogs, particularly young ones, said Sara Staats, co-author of the study and professor of psychology at Ohio State University's Newark campus. "Many new dog owners either don't know or don't remember what is normal behavior for young puppies," Staats said. "The problem often isn't with the dogs, it's with the owners' expectations."

The most commonly reported behavior problem was hyperactivity, followed by housebreaking problems, biting, destructive chewing when the owner was away, fearfulness and barking. "With the exception of biting, these behaviors should be expected from dogs," she said. "And even with biting, many inexperienced owners confuse play biting in puppies with aggression." 

Staats noted that more than half of the dogs (53 percent) were surrendered when they were less than a year old. Puppies this young can't be expected to be perfectly well-behaved without training from the owners, she said. The study was published in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Association. In addition to behavior problems, the other major reasons that dog owners gave up their pets: 

  • Dog takes too much time, work and money (21 percent) 
  • Owner is moving (19 percent) 
  • Owner is ill or allergic to dogs (9 percent) 
  • Dog part of a new litter (5 percent) 
  • Dog is ill (4 percent) 
  • Other (12 percent) 

Staats said that many people let their emotions take over when they choose a young kitten or puppy as a pet. "People are attracted to young pets because they're so cute," she said. "But young animals have a lot of energy and are rambunctious. Many people either don't have the skills or aren't willing to acquire the knowledge to give them proper training." 

The best pet owners are those that not only feel affection for their pets, but also feel a sense of commitment to taking care of them. "Too many pet owners like their pets, but aren't willing to alter their lifestyle or spend the time and money necessary to properly take care of the animal," she said. "If you were a pet you would hope for an owner that is not only attached to you, but also committed to you." Contact: Sara Staats; 


Pia Pia The Pug Shares Her Thoughts on Good Sit!

Good Sit is beginning to make headlines everywhere. Even other four-legged friends are writing up on this revolutionary new product. Check out what blog superstar "Pia Pia" had to say about Good Sit.


We adopted Pia Pia when she was six months old from a no-kill shelter.  She was a cute, adorable little pug who always seems to have food on her face.  We had to wait two weeks to bring her home because she was just surrender to the shelter less than 24 hours prior and the shelter’s policy was to have their veterinarian check her out, to verify she had all her shots, was heart wormnegative, and of course to be spayed.   Each day for two weeks we would go to visit her for an hour, we were allowed to take her for a walk and spend time with her.  It killed us when we had to give her back just for them to put her in it that pen in a room full of other dogs waiting to be adopted.  Finally, she was spayed, had a clean bill of health and was able to come home.  We got her a bed, a pen, plenty of toys, food bowl, water bowl, blanket, and of course food.  When she came home she walk in the door and knew she was home however what many did not know is she jumped up on our new couch and peed.  Yes, not even five minutes of being in her new home and she peed on the couch.  Needless to say, I thought that it was the beginning and the end.  We knew there would be an adjustment however having her outside for a little bit before bringing in the house then bringing her in just to pee on the couch was not a good start.  It seemed like every twenty minutes we were taking her out to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes she went and sometimes she didn’t.  At the end of the week I was getting worried that she would have to go back to the shelter, of course diligence prevailed and finally she was trained to go to the door when she needed to go out and no more accidents in the house. 

Pia Pia is not the only dog who has issues like this; other dogs have behavioral issues and anxiety issues.  Some are not because of the dogs but because of the situations which led them to be dropped off at the shelters whether they were abandon, neglected, abused, unwanted, old, and etcetera.  It does not mean these dogs are not capable of being good loving family dogs it just takes time, patience, love and caring.  Good Sit is a program that not only is a benefit that teaches owners who have dogs positive dog training with just a few minutes a day but it also helps the Good Sit trainers to go to the shelters and train the dogs to make them more adoptable to families and individuals looking for a fur-ever family member.  Every dog deserves a chance to be loved and cared for.  Good Sit is wanting and is giving that dog a chance and that family a chance to find their furry family member.

Yulin is a good dog mom.  She is a warm-hearted, caring person who is dedicated to making a difference and saving as many shelter dogs as possible.  She is truly a wonderful person, I am honored to help her and support her in this endeavor.  I do not get any kickback or benefit other than knowing I am helping her to help her mission to help save shelter dogs finds a good home.   However, there are some of her tips I have taken because even though Pia Pia is a service dog, she is a service dog for my husband and she is still a female therefore there are sometimes Pia Pia has her moments.  Good Sit has really good positive tips even for those dogs already trained.   Please take a moment, review the video and make your determination. 

We appreciate it.  Thank you. 

Good Sit Makes News - "Bridging The Gap!"

Good Sit has finally launched its much anticipated Indiegogo campaign! With the help of funding, Good Sit will be able to create all of the video programs for its curriculum. Good Sit will become the world's first instruction manual for dogs and their new families.

An estimated 40% of dogs adopted from shelters will be returned within the first week. Good Sit is bridging the gap to help decrease this number by offering post-adoption support with their online curriculum. Each curriculum is made up of fun games and quizzes to teach you everything you need to know about your dog and how they think. New pet parents will finally have someone to turn to when problems arise and learn how to live a #Doggoneawesome life with their new best friend. 

Good Sit is a firm believer in giving back... SO, every time a curriculum is purchased, Good Sit will GIVE ONE to a shelter dog and their new family. This is called the BUY ONE, GIVE ONE program. Be one of the first to be a part of this amazing project. You can support Good Sit on Indiegogo now.

Thank you in advance for saving the lives of thousands of dogs. 

Frozen treat to keep your dog busy and cool this summer!

Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker can be purchased on Amazon!

Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker can be purchased on Amazon!

Here is a super "cool" and fun way for your dog to spend a few hours outside this summer. This frozen treat is not only good for them but will keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. 

Kool Dogz makes this awesome ice treat maker. It comes complete with a stand to make access to the treat easier for your dog.

However, crafty dog parents can always make one of their own. Here is how we made ours:

  • Fill a stainless steel dog bowl with half filtered water and half chicken or beef broth. (please make sure to check with a professional before giving your dog any treat they may be allergic too.)
  • Once filled with water/broth add in any treats or toys your dog may enjoy. Here are some ideas!
  • Slices of apples
  • Scoop of peanut butter
  • Blueberries
  • Sliced Carrots
  • A tennis ball 
  • Kong toy
  • Other favorite (water friendly small toys - stuffed animals not recommended.)

To avoid all items falling to the bottom of the bowl, try filling it with half of the treats first, freezing it for a short while, once water has because semi frozen, add in the rest of the treats. This will allow the bowl to be filled thoroughly with treats, for hours of fun! 

Once frozen solid, it's time to enjoy! 

Tag @goodsitdogs on instagram and send us your favorite summertime photos!

Why Fostering Is More Than Just "For The Dogs!"

Many people love the thought of getting a dog, but the reality of it can be quite scary. We actually admire the people who are more reluctant to get a dog as opposed to the ones who get one spur of the moment and then regret the work, time and patience that goes into it. 

We recommend fostering to ANYONE who is thinking of someday making a dog a part of their family or just wanting to see what having a dog is all about. Maybe the kids are begging for a dog, but you know they don't realize all of the work that goes into it. Contact a local foster, and commit to fostering for a couple of weeks. Your kids may just surprise and make you realize they are ready for a new pet. Think of fostering as "extended dog sitting" while helping save their life!

One of the most important steps in finding a dog a forever home, is the foster process. Many shelters and rescues are over flowing with dogs. At times, they are not allowed to take on more, until the ones they have find a home. This is where foster families become extremely helpful. Being a foster means that you will take in a dog until that dog finds their forever home. For some this can be just a couple of days, while others may take a couple of years. Rescues all have different policies on fostering. Some rescues allow you to choose the amount of time you want to care for the dog. Some rescues are even able to pay you and provide everything you need while caring for their dog. 

You may think this is only to benefit the dog, but after to speaking to foster families, many have told us how fostering changed their life as well! 


Dogs in need come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. As a foster, you are able to learn so much about these dogs while they are in your care. Thus, making it easier for you to choose the type of dog that you someday may want to make a part of your family. Families sometimes find that "perfect" foster dog and decide they are not able to give it up.... becoming what is known in the rescue community as a "foster fail."


Teaching your children how to properly interact with dogs is crucial. While fostering, it is important not only for you and the dog, but the child to learn the do's and dont's. This is also a great way for kids to learn the responsibilities of having a dog around. They can be a part of feeding, bathing, walking an more (always supervised of course!) Fostering a dog is a great way to learn about dogs while not have the obligation to keep them forever. 


The hardest part of fostering is having to say Good Bye, trust us, it does get easier. Also, knowing that you saved countless dogs from being killed is a reward in itself. We can not express enough how important fosters are. 90% of the rescues we have spoken to say they think they are lacking the most, is fosters. So the next time you think that owning a dog might be cool for you and your family. Try out fostering. It could change more than just a dog's life. 

While you're at it.. Give Good Sit a try!

Good Sit is the world's first online instruction manual for dogs and their new families.  Good Sit is helping to decrease the number of dogs killed in shelters everyday by providing post-adoption support to new adopted dogs and their families. Good Sit offers fun, interactive online training lessons, crisis management support and more! Good Sit is now live on Indiegogo!

#GoodSit #Doggoneawesome #TreatYourDogRight




Stopping Dog Bites Before They Happen

4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten each year by a dog.

4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten each year by a dog.

With "Dog Bite Prevention Week" just behind us, Good Sit feels it is so important to spread knowledge on dog bite prevention. Please read our previous blog post BREAKING DOWN AGGRESSION BASED BODY LANGUAGE to learn more about the physical signs a dog gives before biting. All dogs will give some sort of warning sign before attacking, it is up to us to learn what those are in order to prevent a bite. 


Let's face it, most dogs are irresistible for kids to resist. They are furry and adorable! Kids are naturally drawn to them but not every dog will want to snuggle up and play. It is so important to teach our kids the proper way of meeting a dog.

  • Never run up to a dog - This is often how a lot of bites happen. Even a small child can tower over a dog and seem intimidating. When a child is running towards a dog, the dog may feel threatened, whether out of fear or dominance. Instead, teach your child to always ask for permission from the owner on meeting their dog.
We love this image of seeing yourself from a dog's perspective. 

We love this image of seeing yourself from a dog's perspective. 

Have your child crouch down to the dogs level and call the dog from a distance. If the dog does not choose to come up, the dog may not feel like being social, and that's ok! If the dog does run up, this means the dog is curious or wants to play. However, please always be cautious. AVOID: the sniff my hand myth. Trust us, the dog can already smell you as soon as you enter the room. Sticking a fist in their face may scare them and trigger aggression. Make sure your child knows to never pet the dogs face or head. Instead try petting their chest or side of their body.  

  • Leave dogs alone while eating and playing with toys or chews - Make sure your children know to always leave a dog alone when they are eating or playing with toys. A dog can become very territorial with it's for and toys. As pet parents we must start training on these issues right away. Teaching a dog right from wrong can be difficult because they don't speak our language, but they do catch on quickly. Educating your children to leave them alone is even more important, because too often, the dog will pay for a mistake made by a human. 
  • Always teach your children to stay calm around dogs. Believe it or not, dog's really don't like to be poked in the face or have their tails pulled. Loud noises can often send them into an over stimulated state of mind. You may say, " Well, not our dog, he is so patient around our kids. He let's them crawl all over them and never does a thing." This rings directly true to the Dog Bite Prevention Week Motto: "70 million 'nice' dogs, but any dog can bite." Most pet bites happen unexpectedly with a family or friends pet! Don't be a statistic. Share this with all of the pet parents you know. Educate yourself, educate your kids and we will all live together harmoniously. 

While you're at it, check out the world's first "online instruction manual for dogs." Giving pet parents the tools to survive adoption and teach them everything they need to know to live a #dogonaeawesome life together.


Written by 

Ashlee Clement

Good Sit

Breaking Down "Aggression Based Body Language"

Every year in the U.S. about 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog. 

Every year in the U.S. about 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog. 

With "Dog Bite Prevention Week" just behind us, Good Sit feels the need to express the importance of dog bite prevention! You and your family are far less likely to be bitten if you know the signs and help educate others as well. 


Dominance Based Aggression - A dominant dog may make themselves look bigger. Their ears may be up and forward. Fur on their body may stand straight up or puff out. Their tail may stand straight up, or even wag.  Their body may be stiff with a straight legged stance, leaning toward whatever they think is an threat. A dominant dog may also bare teeth, growl or bark. 

Dominant Based Aggression (Photo credit:

Dominant Based Aggression (Photo credit:

Fear Based Aggression - A fearful dog may also bite when it feels threatened. Their body may shrink to the ground, tail between their legs, lower their head and repeatedly lick their lips. They may lay their ears back, yawn and avoid eye contact. A fearful dog may also stay very still or even roll on their back to expose their stomach, which can often be confused with the dog wanting to be pet. They may try to retreat and hide and if they feel there is nowhere to go, they will bite.

(Photo credit:

(Photo credit:

(Photo credit:

(Photo credit:


It is our job as pet parents to take responsibility and properly educate and socialize our dogs. Make sure your dog is exposed to all sorts of situations from a young age. If you rescue an older dog, socializing them to situations which may have previously been traumatizing can be difficult. However, any dog can learn to tolerate most situations. It just may take a lot more time and patience. 

Avoid playing games like Tug-Of-War with your dog. These games may not seem aggressive, but it is actually teaching your dog dominant behavior. Especially allowing your dog to win the game will teach them to not let go of things until they "win." Try games like fetch, teaching your dog to release the ball, then rewarding them with a treat. 

Above all, please remember to spay and neuter your pets. This will stop unwanted pregnancies and many moms become overly aggressive when protecting their young. This will also decrease aggression in males and prevent testicular tumors and cancer! Please share this with all of the pet parents you know. The more we know, the better off we will be living with our adorable four-legged friends. 

Written by Ashlee Clement

Good Sit


Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Treats

We all know that having a dog as a part of your family can be expensive. Saving money on food and treats is always in the back of our mind. However, some foods have such crazy ingredients, its worth the extra penny to keep your dog healthy. We love receiving recipes from rescues all around, here is one from Best Friends Animal Shelter. We love how simple the recipe is and your dog will love it too!

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Dog Treats

  • 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

  • 2 eggs (can substitute applesauce or mashed bananas)

  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin

  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter (without Xylitol as this is poisonous to dogs)

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

  2. Whisk together the flour, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter, salt, and cinnamon in a bowl. Add water as needed to help make the dough workable, but the dough should be dry and stiff. Roll the dough into a 1/2-inch-thick roll. Cut into 1/2-inch pieces.

  3. Bake in preheated oven until hard, about 35 minutes.

Get creative and cut these treats into fun shapes using cookie cutters! You can also roll out super tiny bits and use them as training treats! Enjoy!


Top 10 Reasons Animals are returned to shelters

Let’s take a look at why animals are brought to shelters in the first place. As animals lovers, it is hard to understand how anyone could ever surrender their pet to a shelter, however, there are many reasons that play into this decision. According to Nicole Pajer blog author of Cesar’s Way, here are the top ten reasons animals are surrendered into shelters.


  1. Lack Of Training - It may be a surprise to many new dog owners, but believe it or not, most dogs DO NOT COME TRAINED! (Do you sense my overflow of sarcasm?) Lack of training is one of the top reasons a dog will be given up or sent back to the shelter. Every dog needs diligent owners who will guide them from the start. Teaching them commands and training them to be housebroken. If these things are not dealt with, they will become huge behavioral issues. All of which could have been prevented through proper training.
  2. Lifestyle Changes - such as having a new baby, getting a new job or becoming ill, are all major lifestyle changes and reasons people choose to surrender their pets to the shelter. People often become overwhelmed with these major lifestyle changes. Because of the new baby, they feel like they don’t have time for their pet. Becoming ill may be too difficult to care for themselves and their pet and getting a new job may leave no time for anything else. Although it may not be easy, surrendering their pet to the shelter often seems like the best thing for them to do. 
  3. Moving - Sometimes people are forced to move. When they do, they find the place they are going does not allow animals. Maybe their new room mate is allergic or they feel they don’t want to take their pets with them to keep their new home clean.
  4. Not Enough Time For A Pet - Our lives are busy and often many people realize this AFTER getting a pet. The idea of having a pet was great before the actually got one and realized it required care, love and attention. Families start to prioritize things before their pets. Maybe the pet was a gift for a child who now has found other things they are interested in. Many times this is the reason for surrendering the once adored pet. 
  5. Cost Of Dog Ownership - Between food, grooming, vet bills, and boarding, pets can be expensive. Many times people underestimate the cost of owning a pet especially if they are special needs or have health issues.
  6. Health Issues - Many times older pets who have injuries and other health issues require extra attention, money, time and patience. Just like humans, animals get old. However, many owners feel it is easiest to surrender the old dog to a shelter in exchange for a young energetic healthy pup. The number of senior dogs surrendered is alarming. 
  7. Biting - Dogs are often surrendered because they bit a family member. If a dog is displaying any sort of aggressive behavior, it must be dealt with immediately. Often times, people think it’s cute when their pup acts aggressive and nips, however, this can turn into a huge behavioral issue. Ignoring the signs and not properly trained, the dog most likely pays the price for the owners ignorance. 
  8. Too many animals in the home - Pets are cute and the impulse to adopt them can be uncontrollable. In some cases owning an animal becomes an addiction. Some families take pets in, not knowing the importance of spaying and neutering. Their couple of pets quickly becomes an out of control number. In other examples, a dog may be fighting with the existing cats in the home, and therefore gets sent to the shelter instead of training the two to co-exist. 
  9. Allergies - Pets are many times surrendered to shelters because of allergies. If the owner is not allergic, sometimes a significant other who moves in or new child becomes allergic and the pet is surrendered. 
  10. Strays and Rescues - Strays that are picked up off the street may be kept for a few days by a good samaritan while they look for their owner, however, it most likely will be surrendered to a local shelter in hopes it will find a home.

Please think before you get a dog. We consider dogs “FURever Family members!” Take the time to sit down and weigh out options with your family about finances, lifestyle and time before getting a dog. Dogs bring an unfathomable amount of joy into our lives, they will forever love you and are always happy to see you. However, they do require time, patience, money and training (just like a child.)

Please consider other options before surrounding a dog.We understand that our lives do change, at Good Sit, we hope that those changes do involve your dog. However, we hope that you consider every option available before surrendering your dog. 

  • If time or a new job is becoming an issue, consider hiring a dog walker who can help satisfy your dogs needs for time and exercise while you are away at work. There are many reputable companies in your area who have walkers and day sitters for hire. 
  • If moving is the issue, please consider looking into options that are pet friendly. Many places are now open to allowing dogs and cats. 
  • If behavioral issues are the problem, try finding a local trainer in your area who can help you find confidence in solving these problems. 
  • If you develop allergies to your pet, try bathing them in hypoallergenic shampoos or taking safe allergy medication. You can also consider hypoallergenic dogs breeds before getting a dog, if you already know you have allergies!

There are so many options you have before taking the last step and surrendering your dog. The best news is that there is a place that anyone can go to have crisis management and training help without leaving their home. That place is GOOD SIT!

Good Sit is the world’s first online instruction manual for dogs and their families. It is a place to go to learn everything you need to know about your new best friend, be a part of interactive training videos and quizzes and give you the confidence to become your own trainer to live harmoniously with your dog forever. 

Be the person your dog already thinks you are! 

#TreatYourDogRight and everything else will follow.

By - Ashlee Clement

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Someday we WILL become a No-Kill Nation

“Rescue” has always been our favorite breed! It saddens us to see the amount of animals being euthanized throughout the years simply because of over population. However, the number of animals being euthanized is dropping. Good Sit has been following local Los Angeles shelters and rescues, as well as researching news articles and blog posts from resourceful organizations. It is true, Los Angeles, CA is on their way to becoming a No-Kill City! We are so excited for this movement and hope that every city and state will soon reach NO-KILL STATUS!

The relentless efforts of rescue organizations and shelters has been outstanding. The constant education of the importance of adoption and spay/neuter is crucial. We, the humans, have done this to these poor animals. It is up to us to change it and quit the unnecessary act of euthanizing simply because of over breeding and over population. 

The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control reports statistics on their website because they feel that transparency is an important part of being a public agency. They are an “open” admission organization, which means they take in all animals from areas they serve regardless of age, health or temperament. We know that sometimes, whether because of human fault, or genetic ailment, an animal is simply un-adoptable. However, there are thousands of adoptable animals brought into Los Angeles shelters.

Over a decade ago, former mayor, James Hanh called for Los Angeles to become a no-kill city by 2008. Unfortunately, we did not reach that goal. In 2008, still 50% of animals who came into Los Angeles Shelters were euthanized. By 2015 this number dropped by 25%, about 14,000 animals. We are very happy to say that this number has significantly dropped, we are still not where we want to be but we ware heading in the right direction. Below is a chart that displays the number of animals who have been euthanized throughout the last six years. We are not there yet, but we are on our way!


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By - Ashlee Clement

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