Good Sit Makes News - "Bridging The Gap!"

Good Sit has finally launched its much anticipated Indiegogo campaign! With the help of funding, Good Sit will be able to create all of the video programs for its curriculum. Good Sit will become the world's first instruction manual for dogs and their new families.

An estimated 40% of dogs adopted from shelters will be returned within the first week. Good Sit is bridging the gap to help decrease this number by offering post-adoption support with their online curriculum. Each curriculum is made up of fun games and quizzes to teach you everything you need to know about your dog and how they think. New pet parents will finally have someone to turn to when problems arise and learn how to live a #Doggoneawesome life with their new best friend. 

Good Sit is a firm believer in giving back... SO, every time a curriculum is purchased, Good Sit will GIVE ONE to a shelter dog and their new family. This is called the BUY ONE, GIVE ONE program. Be one of the first to be a part of this amazing project. You can support Good Sit on Indiegogo now.

Thank you in advance for saving the lives of thousands of dogs.