Goodbye Kickstarter... Last Chance To Get Your Good Sit Pre-order.

We raised $5,885 in 20 days on Kickstarter, then lost it all when the campaign ended.

Re-Pledge NOW on ➡️ INDIEGOGO

Dearest dog lovers and supporters, thank you for believing in the magic of Good Sit, a whole new way of being a dog parent. You have pledged money to help the project go live and to be the first to enjoy it’s benefits! You watched the videos and saw not only how your relationship with your dog can completely do a 180, but you saw that your dollar would save a shelter dog's life.

If you already contributed on Kickstarter, you will NOT be charged at all for your pledge. Because we are not allowed to keep any of the pledges and you are not guaranteed your pre-order when we didn't reach the initial goal, here is an opportunity to ensure you get your order. RE-PRE-ORDER NOW! Hopefully this takes only a couple of minutes out of your day. 


But we weren’t just fundraising. We were changing everything for dog parents everywhere. We were building from frustration to hope, no-communication to love. We were making a real difference for our families, friends, neighbors and even shelter dogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This project is important because we are facing a true crisis - unwanted, homeless, repeatedly surrendered dogs. ~10,000 people a day give up on their dogs while animal shelters are limited in resources, leaning on volunteers, and killing ~3400 dogs a day to make room for more. Now, the real fight begins.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all the support and sharing you have done and will do for this campaign.  

    Yulin Olliver , Founder, Good Sit