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LOS ANGELES, CA — Good Sit is not only the world’s first online post dog-adoption counselor, it gives dog owners a whole new way of being a dog parent. While many dogs are adopted, the number of failed adoptions - dogs returned to the shelter - is staggering, estimated as high as 40% within the first week of adoption. What's missing is post-adoption support, counseling that provides basic information to dog owners, enabling them to have a happy, functioning relationship with a new pet. This is where Good Sit comes in. New pet parents have an unlimited number of questions and concerns about their new family. Too many times, this results in simply taking the easy way out and returning the dog back to the shelter.

The much anticipated Indiegogo launch for starts Friday, July 1, 2016 witha $10,000 pledge goal. The funding will support the production of the online videos and the"Buy-One, Give-One" program. The novel online video program bridges the gap for post-adoption dog parents and will become the new got to resource to turn to in the privacy of one’s own home. Good Sit sets new dog parents up to succeed, by empowering them with new communication tools, "first day rules", and an understanding of their dog, such that new families experience love and harmony with freedom and ease. Good Sit pays it forward and helps as many homeless dogs as possible. For every curriculum purchased,one is given to a homeless pet and its new family with the purpose of acting as the dogs own personal guardian angel.

“Dogs are euthanized daily for lack of space and this breaks my heart. They are perfectly innocent and just lacking a home,” says Yulin Olliver, Founder and President of Good Sit. “The other glaring issue is how to communicate so it lands with the dog and vice-versa. Good Sit is the missing piece of the puzzle. This is not high level training, it is essential life skills, and it just doesn't exist out there. The dog shelters and rescues demand it, so I created it"

About Good Sit

Founded by dog expert and host, Yulin Olliver, Good Sit lives online and is based in Los Angeles, CA. After seeing happy, healthy dogs being killed first hand, she started coaching post-adoption families 1-on-1 but wanted to make these life saving lessons available to anyone, anytime. After decades of learning and training dogs for agility and pet therapy, Yulin tapped into behavior experts from around the world to curate the most effective and widely accepted 'dogmas' in professional dog training for Good Sit; the only video-centric, one stop, crisis management, beginners training curriculum for parents of newly adopted dogs.


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