How do I know if I need to take this Training Manual?

Pet parents have an unlimited amount of questions and concerns about their family member. More than just training, but simple things like:

"How much do I feed my dog?"

"My dog keeps having accidents in the house."

"My dog barks alot, or at everyone"

"My dog doesnt like other dogs or doesnt know how to get along with other dogs"

"My dog hates other dogs, i'm afraid he'll hurt someone."

All valid concerns and a lot of dog owners have no one to turn to. Good Sit, helps you on all these questions. 


What is the Advanced Communication Curricullum?

The Advanced Communication Curriculum

Online Price: $49.99 unlocks lifetime access

  • The Basic Communications Curriculum is made up of Four (4) Bare Bones lessons and Four (4) Advanced Ownership lessons

  • Plus eight (8) or more Bonus Lessons

  • Value: $89.99


What is the Bare Bones Lesson?

New Adoption price: FREE!

Online Price: $29.99 unlocks lifetime access

  • Four (4) Bare Bones lessons only

  • Value: $44.99


What are the Bonus Lessons?

Bonus Lessons (singles)

Online Price: $9.99 per module unlocks lifetime access:

  1. My Dog won’t leave the dog park

  2. I can’t take my dog anywhere anymore

  3. I hate walking my dog, he pulls and barks

  4. My dog hates other dogs, I’m afraid he’ll hurt someone

  5. My dog barks all the time

  6. My dog is having accidents in the house

  7. My dog jumps on people

  8. My dog is hyperactive


How do I place an order?

Click here to order one of our three training manuals. Lessons

Great Dog Joke?

What did the dog say to the sandpaper? Ruff!